Increase trade volume of your crypto exchange and get additional income

implement Openmonet widget on the platform and allow your customers to buy and sell BTC with any fiat currencies and payment methods
to buy bitcoins
you get additional
with each transaction
for your clients
That's how it works
That's how it works
The client starts an activity with Openmonet widget from your website to deposit or withdraw bitcoins
In 30 seconds Openmonet finds a trader who offers best rate and payment terms in a way Uber finds the nearest and suitable taxi through your mobile app
Your customer closes the deal and Openmonet sends you the data on his completed transactions via API
Watch the video demo
Or exchange real bitcoins
Open widget with real deals
Advantages comparing with normal payment acceptance?
Normal payment acceptance
Difficult and time consuming verification combined with small limits
Up to 8% fee for your customers
Small choice of currencies and payment methods
Simple verification and no limits
1% fee for your clients
Any currencies and payment methods
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